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  • The official required age to join the site is 16 years old. By having an active account on the website you agree that any content you come across may be targeted towards that age group.
  • You are responsible for your account. Regardless of any details on the matter, if someone else gains access to your account, their actions will be considered your actions and your account will be treated accordingly. This is not up for debate and we don’t care if you have a little brother who decided to post porn while you were cooking dinner.
  • Do not spam, flame, or troll, be it in public threads, profile messages or private messages. Depending on the severity of the act you will receive anything from a warning to a permanent ban, at the discretion of staff.
  • Do not harass, bully or otherwise intimidate other members, be it in public threads, profile messaging, or private messages. Depending on the severity of the act you will receive anything from a warning to a permanent ban, at the discretion of staff.
  • Do not partake in “backseat moderating”. Use the report button ( ) for any and all posts, profile messages or private messages you come across that break the rules or are otherwise causing problems. [b]Backseat moderating will result in you receiving the same consequences as the person you were backing moderating against.[/b]
  • Do not publicly post download links, or links to web pages that allow the downloading (direct or torrent/p2p) of copyrighted content of any kind. Torrents and direct download links to legal content is encouraged. Copyrighted content that can not “officially” be directly downloaded (such as streaming videos like youtube, or images embedded on a 3rd party web page) may be linked to. Examples include anime streaming and “manga readers” such as mangafox/mangastream.
  • Do not blatantly advertise other communities. Linking to content on them is fine (and encouraged if it is helpful) but do not embark on a crusade to have people join your website or write your name in the referral. If you are the owner of a non-competing community contact Osayidan to discuss affiliation.
  • Do not post any sort of referral links, even if the website is considered safe or legitimate. Web-based games such as the egg hatching or pokemon raising games may be linked, as those are not really referrals, most of them work by posting an image rather than the link anyways.
  • Do not post pornographic or otherwise extremely violent or offensive content that would normally require an age of 18+ to view. This can be a very ambiguous topic, staff will have the final say in cases where it is not clear, and the subject is not up for debate.
  • Do not post content that can be considered child pornography or otherwise sexualization of minors, even if it is of yourself. doing so will not only get you permanently banned on the spot, but reported to law enforcement and/or other organizations in your country of origin that handle such situations.
  • Signatures have a maximum height of 300px. Images shouldn't be more than 250px tall, nor should they exceed a file size of 1.5MB. If an image does exceed 250px in height, then you will be asked to either remove it or hide it in a spoiler tag. Repeated offenses will result in punishment. [Click here for info]
  • Do not post in topics (effectively bumping it up to the top of the list) where the [b]last reply[/b] is more than 30 days old. This is known as “necro posting”. You are more than welcome to create a new topic if your search results only turn up old threads. The only exception to this rule is for guides. Guides may be replied to at any time.
  • Discussion of “mods”, hacks or other exploits and cheats for mabinogi, vindictus or other nexon games is permitted, however posting links to download them is not. You also may not discuss how to use them or create them, or link to pages that do.
  • Do not negatively mention the names of players in nexon games, this includes the discussion of hackers or other such activity. The official nexon forums does not seem to have such a rule (or care) so if you feel the need to inform the public about a scammer or hacker, do it there instead. The same goes for guilds.
  • Do not use excessive profanities on the forum. The censors have been removed and you are now trusted to use your vocabulary responsibly.
  • The “Bean Rua” forum is the official off-topic section of the website. Here you may post threads that don’t belong anywhere else, and make replies that would normally be considered too pointless to be permitted anywhere else. All the forum rules still apply in this section.
  • Do not disrespect staff actions and decisions, and do not create threads about these things. Send a private message to an administrator if you have a question or problem with anything relating to staff.
  • These rules may change at any time. Any issues that occur and are not well defined by the rules will be handled at the staff’s discretion.
  • Ignorance of the rules is not an excuse for breaking them.
Definitions: Spam - spam is any off-topic or otherwise useless message. For example, quoting someone and saying “this ^” to express your agreement is considered spam and can result in a warning or infraction. Going off topic or being childish will also qualify as spam, and depending on the situation may also qualify as harassing/trolling or any other number of broken rules. Troll/Trolling - trolling is the act of posting a message whose purpose is to cause problems, such as enticing negative reactions from other members. It is up to the staff’s discretion to decide if a message is trolling or not. Flame/Flaming - Flaming is insulting or otherwise harassing or poorly treating another user. Otherwise known as being a dick.