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It's going to die somewhere in 2018. You're welcome. lol

Still the same after 7years,manbird. Nexon is about maximum whale milking at minimum cost. It's already done

Thingsoft has revealed that Peria Chronicles will release late 2017 or early 2018. The mabinogi majority will be consumed by Peria. Mabinogi and Vindictus Mobile is just for remaining loyalist
Do you have inside sources that can confirm it? Do you have inside sources?


Otherwise arguments that don't have prove to sustain themselves will fall under:

You are just talking out of your ass


"Pics or didn't happen".

Can someone close this thread, i feel that this leaves open the posibility of more baiting.

On a side note, i think i'm not the only one that have seen online games that due circumnstances should've been done ages ago (wether they are good or bad is anyone's opinion) yet they still survive, so your words about mabinogi is/will be dead in "current year" means nothing to me who had to deal with that for over a decade about another game.