Still got MP potions leftover from that 4th of July event? Got an elf? Like Fossils? Lucky for you, I have to secret.. Nah, not secret. The not-well-known plan I have devised to have OVER 9000!!!! fossils (not really, but still).

Jerain's How-to-Hunt Fossils: A Guide

Okay, first things first. This is NOT Xai's guide, I came up with this myself when I was bored. You will be messing with Sulfur Golems a lot, so take precautions. I technically named half of the requirements up there..


-Elf Character (prefferably with high MP, for Hide)
-MP Potions
-Pickaxe (upgraded HIGHLY recommended)
-Inventory space


-Mount (flying prefferably)
-Quick mind (IRL)

Now, to get the fossils:

1. Find a Sulfur Golem. You don't need to worry about its surrounding, since you'll be using Hide a LOT.

2. Unhide and quickly mine. Hide right after. Don't bother picking the item up, you WILL get hurt.

3. If something dropped and you want to pick it up, Unhide and quickly pick it up. Hide once it's picked up.

4. Repeat steps 1-3

5. Once you're done, you can use you're mount for a clean escape. If you have one.

Now, you might be asking, "trans?"
If you run out of MP and MP potions, this can be extremely useful. Get away from golems, and use it.


There you go, simple simple simple. Hope it helped!

Pictures will be up once SOMEONE IS WILLING TO SELL MP 50s for a high price!!-cough-