The rules for this is painfully simple.

If it isn't on one of the following:
  • Nexon home page (entire nexon network affected by the news in question)
  • Mabinogi home page
  • Official Nexon forums, posted by a Nexon staff member
  • (and same as above for Europe as well)
  • Nexon's Facebook, teasers and non-news sounding things however will not make it to the front page.
Then it does not belong here and will be moved to the appropriate section.

You must also provide a source link to the original news article/post.

Prefixes for NA or EU are to be chosen from the drop down menu, I used NA as an example for this thread. You can click on these prefixes to see only NA or EU news while viewing the list of threads.

Use the same title provided by nexon for the thread title.

Some formatting to make it fit the forum (from HTML to BBcode) is fine.

Do not directly add your own opinions to the article, if you do add your own stuff be sure to separate it clearly.

Only one copy of each news post will be kept. The one with the earliest date. News confirmed to be official, with source, will be made into an article on the front page of the website, this is done by staff members.