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I see this:

Quit refining and just being a mage/melee hybrid.
You'll go nuts on r2 refining when you have to fail mythrils

EDIT: just in case you wanna keep going....
I'll just tell you now that I have only spent 200k IN TOTAL for r1 refining (ores, metallurgy sieve repairs, mythril dungeon passes, furnace usage)
How I did that? Don't buy the ores. I usually tell myself the following.
1) Ores are hella expensive
2) Buying bot-gained ores is providing support for illegal use of third party programs on Mabinogi
3) it's really not hard to find gold or silver due to the release of Sion's Hidden Mine and pickaxe upgrades

If you must buy the ores, only buy silver and gold... iron and copper are out for obvious reasons, and mythril, you can mine it yourself easily at Mythril Mines
Those are out?
Btw for anyone les working refine
Carpentry wood will further drop the sucess rate of old furnaces
Fine firewood droped my mithrill sucess rate % by 3