Some guidelines to follow for this section.

Examples of things that belong in the data mines:
  • Confirmation (backed by evidence) of rumors about how X works or that Y exists in the playable game
  • Data obtained via packet logging
  • Data obtained by looking into your computer's RAM while the game is running
  • Data obtained from client-side game files
  • Data obtained from server-side game files or other files that may have been leaked
  • Data or information obtained through in-game testing/experiments
  • Information/media/data obtained from foreign versions of the game that may be too technical in nature to belong in the foreign content section

Note: Using project Aura for running some tests is allowed but be sure to mention that the data may not be the same as on official Mabinogi servers.

Examples of things that do not belong in the data mines:
  • Gameplay guides that make use of the above mentioned data
  • Requests for information
  • Discussions of game data that isn't yet published (i.e: don't make a thread to discuss the mechanics of special upgrades until the thread providing the data for it has been created, at which point the discussion will be in that thread)
  • unethical data (i.e: you decided to hack nexon and got a database dump, that's not the kind of data we want to mine.)

All the normal forum rules apply, except necro posting is allowed if relevant.