Hey, just wanted to ask if this can be included / noticed it was missing which is a bit funny.

In the Vindictus Player information thingy there's the drop down Menu for the Server you play on which has the Selection options of: NA-East, NA-West, KR-Heroes, EU-Vindictus, JP-Vindictus and CN-Vindictus.

The drop down for 'Playing Actively?' however only gives you the options: Playing on KR-Heroes, Playing NA-Vindictus, Not interested and Retired.

My suggestion would be changing 'Playing on KR-Heroes' and 'Playing NA Vindictus' to something like 'Playing Actively' and 'Casual'

As we already can select the Server we play on i doubt we need selections on which server we play actively so changing that to match what we have for Mabinogi or almost what we have for Mabinogi would be a good idea.

Just my opinion but it's kinda..... funny i can't display my current playing status because i'm neither playing KR-Heroes nor NA-Vindictus as i play on the EU servers.

sincerely Tetosan