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Thread: How to play Mabinogi on Windows 10

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    Lightbulb How to play Mabinogi on Windows 10

    Hello my fellow Mabinogians. Before I start I will introduce myself. Well my name is Corggi (ign, I won't tell you my real name (it's secret)). I'm returning player from 2 years break and I've noticed that there was a lot of changes. Some are bad and some are good, but oh well I can't really complain at least they managed to make warriors tankier than before ;)

    In this thread I will tell you how to play Mabinogi on Windows 10. Yet again before I start I won't be explaining step-by-step what to do. Why?! Well there are a lot of tutorials on the YouTube, Google and etc.

    Quite a lot of people been asking me how can I play Mabinogi on Windows 10 since there isn't support for Windows 10 yet (That's what you get when you become Computer technician and everybody is asking you for help to just play a game. Gimme a break TT-TT). Well simple way of doing that is the OS Virtualization. "What the hell is that?" Well let's just simply put you can have another opened OS (Operating System) inside your OS. Let's hope you know what I mean. Basically you can run Windows 7/8.1 on your Windows 10 and then install the Mabinogi on that Windows.

    "Does it work?!" - Yes, it works. However there is a little problem. This works only for those who have decent computer. You might be thinking "Well then I'm screwed". Stop right there! There is still another way which is far more better than Visualization. Another way is called Dual Boot, so basically it's close to virtualization, but at the same time it's not. Wait what?! I don't know... Well basically you will be able to switch between different OS. This will not affect the performance of your laptop or PC. This works perfectly on low-end computers as well. However... "God damnit what now?!" However it will only work if your motherboard is capable of dual boot. To check that just type in Google the name of the motherboard and question if it's capable of dual boot. Google is your uncle I know that since I'm Google's son. #ThatLowRatedJokes

    Well from that point you can go on the internet research and watch tutorials on how to do Virtualization or either Dual-Boot. My job here is done.

    By the way it was my first thread on this forums. I've been reading the posts here for very long time and I decided to post what I know. I might be wrong, so I will hear out your answers as well, but let's not argue, please? Also sorry for not any fancy fonts and colours. ^^"

    ~Yes, I'm British, so I type "colours" not "colors".

    ~ May Morrighan be with you. #StarWars
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