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Thread: Just a list of song requests i have. hope that's not bad...

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    Post Just a list of song requests i have. hope that's not bad...

    Yeah, i have a few. there isn't alot (i hope), but then again, this is a list.

    well... guess ill start?

    ok so herez thez arez. if you can get them i would be very greatful!

    Guitar requests

    Under My Skin - Epic Battle Fantasy IV
    A Bleeding Fight - Epic Battle Fantasy IV
    Into Combat - Epic Battle Fantasy IV
    Derelict Factory Of Twisted Metal (starting at 00:51, edning at 03:47) - Epic Battle Fantasy IV
    Those Of Us Who Fight (01:12 - 02:49) - EBF: Adventure Story
    A Light In The Darkness Of Destruction - EBF: Bullet heaven
    Z0mg \/lct0ry!! - Epic Battle Fantasy III
    Arcuta Lao Dnor (start at begining, end at 02:03) - Epic Battle Fantasy III
    You'll Never Guess This (start at begining, end at 02:19) - Epic Battle Fantasy III
    Battle For Everyone's Souls - Persona 3 FES
    Soul Phrase ( also wanted in song form) - Persona 3 Portable
    Breakin' Through - Persona Trinity Soul
    Light The Fire Up In The Night - Persona Q: SotL P3 side
    Eletric De Chocobo - Final Fantasy VII

    wow thats alot of EBF stuff.. what can i say.. im a fan!

    Lyre requests

    Memories of the Academy - Persona 3
    Brand New Days ( also wanted as song) - Persona 3 FES
    Crystalis Fantasia - Epic Battle Fantasy IV
    A First Snow With Friends - Epic Battle Fantasy
    A Stroll Through Nostalgia (Ending Version) - Epic Battle Fantasy IV
    Sisters Of Snow Dissent - Epic Battle Fantasy III
    Estavius ( start at begining, end at 03:14) - Epic Battle Fantasy III
    Prelude - Final Fantasy VII Remastered Music

    not too many of those actually..

    Lute/Mandolin/Ukulele requests

    The Nightmare's Beginning - Final Fantasy VII Remastered Music
    Vamo' Alla Flamenco - Final Fantasy IX
    Aerith's Theme - Final Fantasy VII
    Tifa's Theme - Final Fantasy VII
    Ahead On Our Way - Final Fantasy VII
    The Great Warrior - Final Fantasy VII
    Sending A Dream Into The Universe - Final Fantasy VII
    Ukulele De Chocobo - Final Fantasy IX
    Fiddle De Chocobo - Final Fantasy VII

    gotta love FF music man!

    Well thats all i want at the moment, you can coontact me throguh steam(Bkd50), here (lexianan), or ingame (lexianan of mari) if you have any.
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