Summer Hot Days

Note: This event was originally intended to give 2x Monster EXP instead of 2x Combat EXP. Due to the length of the event, we have chosen to continue the Combat EXP bonus until the maintenance on Thursday, July 14th, after which point the 2x Monster EXP event will proceed as originally planned. We apologize for the confusion.

The way event bonuses work in Mabi is that there's a set list of them referenced in the form of IDs. Like (making stuff up here) event bonus ID 4 might be 100% blacksmith repair plus half durability loss, event ID 12 might be double alchemy training plus 100% all repairs, etc. Given the engrish and typos prevalent in even the client databases, it's actually an understandable mistake here to activate the wrong one. And I guess they know players would prefer 2x training to 2x fighting EXP so they're not in a rush to change it until what I assume is the next revision.