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Thread: Selling lots of fashion items Looking for Wings of Tuan

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    Post Selling lots of fashion items Looking for Wings of Tuan

    This is a big post so pre-warning you ; v ;
    Note me on Kirara01 with offers!

    I really want to get up to 100mil or trade for the wings, still so some will have set autowins/prices and some will be offer only

    Note me on Kirara01 with offers/questions etc.

    ALO Asuna set - no wig - offer
    Bat set F - offer
    Battleborn outfit M w/Shoes/Gloves - 5m
    Battleschool outfit M w/shoes - 1.5m
    Bunny plaid pantaloons - offer
    Bohemian Wear M - offer
    Casual suit - white - offer
    Cat Armor w/helm and gloves HUMAN - offer
    Chinese Dragon Armor for GIANTS - offer
    Dragon Rider set - offer
    Drandos Leather Mail M - offer
    Elite school set F - A/w 20m - lowest 15m
    Emerald's Classic Celtic Ensemble F - offer
    Frilly Nightgown - offer
    Halloween Vampire Suit - offer
    Hawaiian Swimsuit set F - offer
    Human Scathach Set - 10m
    Idol plaid outfit M - offer
    Idol plaid outfit F - offer
    I </3 Fergus outfit - offer
    Lace swimsuit F - offer
    Magus crest set F - 5m
    Maike's outfit - offer
    Men's Diamond outfit - free
    Men's Spade outfit - free
    Mystic cirque set F - 8mil
    Striped Swimsuit F - offer
    Thames Plate Armor - offer
    Vanalen Rain Slicker M - offer
    Wild swimsuit F - offer
    Zorro Outfit F - offer

    Admiral's hat F - offer
    Berched Wig - offer
    Brilluen wig M (no horns) - offer
    Emerald's classic celtic hairband - offer
    Giant Reindeer antler hairband - free?
    Heart Eyepatch - free
    Men's Tengu Hat - offer
    Monkey mask - offer
    Ophelia's wig - offer
    Preschool Hat - offer
    Pheonix Ear Muffs - offer
    Pierrot Wig-hat - offer
    Scooter Helmet - offer
    Shaved Ice hat - offer
    Snowflake hat - Free
    Snowflake hairpin - Free
    Star-shaped large brimmed magician hat - offer
    Tiger hat - offer
    Rabbit Mask - offer
    Red Succubus Helmet - offer
    Romantic Sweeping veil - offer
    Starry Wizard Hat - offer
    Volume Beret - offer

    Battl school gloves F - offer
    Cross empire gloves F - offer
    Cat Gauntlets for Giants - offer
    Sultry nurse gloves - offer
    Royal Rose gloves - offer
    Shaman Bracelets - offer
    Assistant Teacher Jeweled Wristwatch - offer
    Brilluen Half gloves M - offer
    Queen of hearts chain gloves - offer
    After school bracelet - offer
    Dustin silver knight vambrace - offer
    Bonita silky glove - free
    Tara infrantry gloves M - offer
    Admiral owen's open-finger gloves - offer


    Adorable Raccoon Shoes F - offer
    Anti-Fomor boots F - offer
    Battleborn shoes F - offer
    Bear shoes - offer
    Developer's shoes - offer
    Old Saint Nick Boots F - offer
    Theatrical Troupe F - offer
    Shamala shoes - offer
    Shamaness Shoes - offer
    Shaman Shoes - offer
    Royal Academy Ribbon Loafers F - offer

    Sky Glass wings - 20m
    Fallen angel wings - 15m
    Lucky Neko robe - 1m
    Reindeer Robe - offer
    Owl Robe - offer

    Stuff I want
    Wings of Tuan - Can maybe even offer all of this for Tuan wings?
    Laighlinne Metal heel Greaves
    Meryl Wig F
    Hamlen Tuner
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