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Thread: Irame's Selling / Buying Thread

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    Post Irame's Selling / Buying Thread

    Irame's Selling / Buying Thread

    Heya everybody, i'm Irame and i can offer you some great stuff pretty cheap!

    If you are interrested in any items, feel free to add or note me or post here.
    I won't add any prices myself, only the current offer i have on an item.
    Anything in red is the rank of red upgrade.
    Anything in blue is the rank of blue upgrade.
    Anything in magenta is the reforge rank.
    Anything in green is the enchant.

    IGN: Irame


    pure black dye (normal + metal)
    #FFFF66 fixed dye (normal + metal)
    dragon scale fragment x 8
    white dragon eyeball x 3


    chimney chair x 2
    shroom buddy chair
    Butt-sized oak barrel x 2
    1-person kotatsu
    class clown schooldesk
    christmas rocking horse
    christmas chair x 2
    livingroom chair
    lonely prison x 3
    vampire coffin

    R1 taunes mk3 x 1
    R1 sunprophet colt x 3
    R1 dowra's golden gun x 2
    dowra's golden gun x 3
    cross empire dual gun
    black star x 4
    R1 black star
    taunes mk3 x 2
    demonic infinity staff
    starblade shuriken x 2
    excalibur x 2
    krutta broad sword x 3
    R1 demonic death knight sword x 2
    enum elish ea
    mysterious pheonix feather sword x 2
    demonic illusion control bar
    9MA celtic druid staff x 3
    celtic crossbow x 2
    cross empire gale cylinder
    celtic royal battle axe
    demonic solitude knuckles
    black dragon knight's bow x 4
    R1 black dragon knight's bow
    R1 demonic infinity bow
    salvation bow
    R1 liberty saber x 3
    royal pumpkin rapier
    R2 celtic warrior hammer x 2
    devil slayer
    synergy volcano cylinder x 3
    moist wave tidal wave cylinder
    R1 lich crocodile devil slayer x 3
    lich crocodile devil slayer
    R1 lich crocodile barbaric fox scythe
    lich crocodile barbaric fox scythe x 2
    glorious sniping fairy feather bow
    pilgrim sword
    eweca's light short sword x 2
    fierce katana
    focused white beam sword x 2
    focused red beam sword
    broken arrow crossbow x 3
    untamed spike barbaric fox scythe
    scrap combat wand x 3
    focused blue beamsword x 2
    hesitant murasama
    energetic wakizashi
    firm masamune x 2
    focused green beamsword
    celtic royal war hammer
    ladeca's light short sword
    executioner's sword
    fomor executioner's sword
    bracer knuckle
    ring bow x 3
    R1 crown ice wand
    wing bow x 2
    gae bolg
    mo ye
    gan jiang
    synergy magma volcano cylinder
    royal crystal wing sword
    royal crystal wing bow
    merlin's shyllien mana knuckles (5 hit)
    R1 merlin's shyllien mana knuckles (5 hit)
    celtic warrior axe
    demonic death knight's sword x 2
    Rose's thorn
    demonic abyss cylinder
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