Hey all. I am in the process of maxing out the Baltane Unit Squires on a couple of alts(16 characters). As I see more and more people start getting Divine Weapons and Armor Sets in all servers, it still seems as though it is lacking and super rare even though people can technically receive a Divine Material within a week(if you do excessive amounts of alts at once, and assuming you get a Broken Material every 1000 boxes). Maybe a forum that people can read will allow them to start training their squires once they hear about other's experiences with their squires.

So if you did do your squires and got far with progressing with multiple alts(maxed out), how many Advanced Baltane Supply Boxes did it take (approximate if you did not keep track) to get your 1st broken material? How long did it take you to do multiple characters? What was the most efficient training route you took (for example, I have been doing divine and dexterity training with the 40 Training Points route, because it seems more efficient)?

To close it off, if you are willing, take a snapshot of your amazing Divine Weapons/Armor Pieces to show off your hard work! (yes, I've seen pictures of some weapons in other posts, but I think it would be nice to see a compilation of them in one focused setting!)