Hello everyone.

After a long time, Simply has decided to begin recruiting once again.

The Simply guild was founded in the earliest days of the Ruairi server in 2008 by Devil, zero, and Saintdk. Largely social in nature, the guild soon began to attract stronger players of a more mature nature and has become many players' permanent home. As the guild looked to the founders for leadership, they saw zero willing to drop everything just to help a guildmate collect cobwebs, Devil inspiring people over new content and keeping morale high, and Saintdk gluing the guild together with an emphasis of friendship.

There’s no doubt the guild has had its moments of prowess and to this day we aspire to play at a high level, but this impetus is secondary and largely accidental. Even though, these days, Simply’s reputation precedes itself, we are always committed to the principles of friendship and maturity. As many guild members might tell you, we like to think of playing this game as logging in to Simply, rather than Mabinogi.

Our recruitment policy is simple and has led to our success and longevity over the years. We aim to keep the number of active members at a manageable number and where everyone can form relationships with each other, instead of fractioned cliques. When we deem there’s room for a few new guildmates, we look for mature, friendly people. We look for folks excited about Mabinogi and being part of a guild for the long-term. We look for people who can contribute in unique ways, not just how fast they can run a dungeon. In fact, we would take someone who likes to participate and plan events/activities over someone with maxed combat skills any day!

If there’s one thing to know about the guild and how we play, “Simply” says it all. If our guiding principles resonate with you and you would like to get to know more about the guild, start by introducing yourself on these forums and getting to know us in game. We host events and concerts occasionally and always like to see new faces.

And finally, if you think you want to commit to helping us continue to build something great and fun, read further to learn about submitting an application.

You can get more information on how to apply and where to apply by visiting the site simply dot forumer dot com.
Thank you very much

Temp officer Heal. :)