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Thread: S> Languhiris Chaser set, enchanted & reforged + much more

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    S> Languhiris Chaser set, enchanted & reforged + much more

    Hello, I am interested in selling off the bulk of my possessions in mabi. This is just a preliminary list and I may add more later. Please PM me here on the forums as I am not in game very often anymore.

    Please be aware that the Langu chaser set is character bound. I can provide the NX to unlock it if necessary, but will discount the price if the NX is provided by the buyer. I would prefer to sell it as a set, but can split it if necessary.


    Mari doll bag x1
    Young Tarlach bag x3
    Tarlach bag x1
    Ruairi bag x1
    Devcat bag x1
    -Lorna's adventure bag x1
    -Simon's clothing bag x1
    Lorna's special gold coin box
    Pan's goldbox x3
    Lorna's goldbox x2
    -Recovery potion bag x1

    Equipment & Fashion:

    Blessed Magic Cauldron
    Blessed Red Javelin
    Blessed Uaithne
    Blessed Merlin's Shyllien Mana knuckle
    Magus crest earrings
    Reforged Revis cylinder
    Duck boots
    Green trinity staff x2
    Electric guitar 2 rank musical knowledge inspiring performance reforge
    Green wingbow
    Green glory sword
    Green lion claw lance
    Green gladious x2
    Green knuckle
    Par ice wand
    Green claymore
    Green dragon blade
    Crystal antlers


    Black to green flashing dye (clothing)
    Black and red flashing dye (clothing)
    Green flashing metal dye amp
    White spirit weapon dye amp x2
    Gold spirit weapon dye amp
    Red spirit weapon dye amp

    Equipment upgrade materials & Mats

    55 red upgrade stone
    27 blue upgrade stones
    3 Crednes reforges
    11 Altered Ferghus's hammer
    13 Notorious magic powder
    5 amazing reforge tool
    Fine and finest firewoods


    Who shouldn't own sharp objects
    Who can find a needle in a haystack
    Who can't find a needle in a stack of needles
    Who cannot fail

    Mission and raid crystals:

    19 tradeable finest shadow crystals
    33 tradeable fine shadow crystals
    72 tradeable potent shadow crystals
    18 finest raid crystal tradeable)
    3 raid crystals

    Misc items:

    Unfocused, Emaciated, Determined, eyes beauty coupon
    shooting star face coupon
    Playful teasing mouth coupon
    Smirking mouth beauty coupon
    Enchant expiration removal scroll x2
    Many transformation medals
    Macha coin
    Traveling boom box
    4 tradeable tender potion S
    Name chat color change potion 5
    Honey butter corn chip x 22
    523 eggplant seeds
    293 cabbage plants
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